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Francesca Taraddei

Francesca Taraddei

by FT Marketing International


FT Marketing International is the first and only direct response marketing agency in Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates.

With a solid background and years of direct experience in one of the most competitive markets of the world — the United States — this leading agency has helped thousands of business owners and companies worldwide create tailor-made, effective and results-oriented marketing systems to grow businesses in a wide range of industries. 

The CEO, Francesca Taraddei, founder and face leader of the company, and her team have a proven track record of the results they’ve achieved with their skills and expertise, accounting for 3000+ Testimonials and Reviews from the successful companies and businesses they’ve helped over time. 

Although they have experience in many field, their primary focus in UAE are services and consultant businesses that are looking to grow and expand their business taking advantage of the digitalized world and online marketing. 

FT Marketing International is not the typical social media marketing agency.

With their results-oriented focus and a carefully selected and trained team of professionals in direct response marketing, advertising, communication, and design, they offer to local and ex-pats business owners the opportunity to effectively promote their services and stand out in a dynamic and competitive market like the Dubai one, spreading awareness of what direct response marketing is and how it works.

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