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Design Nominees


by Frescia


Frescia have brought a wide range of products that are chemical-free, toxin free, paraben free produced with fresh hand-picked farm products. We have assimilated products for all skin type, gender and complexion. Our extensive research on cosmetics, side effects of component, natural alternatives to every chemical ingredients have enabled us to formulate and produce natural hypoallergenic skin and hair products devoid of harmful chemicals like SLS, paraben, formaldehyde, phthalate, petrolatum, triclosan, heavy metals like lead, aluminium, dry alcohol. 

Our secret to formulate these unbeatable products is to use 100% natural ingredients and botanical oils. We are a small start up that supports the idea of ‘Vocal for local’ and wishes to support small scale farmers, micro, small and cottage industries. As a responsible organisation, we also support LGBT community and gender equality.

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