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Game Dev Map

Game Dev Map

by Xeno Gaming LLC


Why a Game Dev Map ?

Finding the right people for the right job can be quite hard!

This Game Dev Map should help all people involved in Video Game Industry to connect with each other!

What can I find on the map ?

This Map regroups several types of skills in the video game industry.
From Artists and Developers to Media and Publishers.

Find every talent you need for your Video Game!

Individuals and Businesses

You don’t need to own your proper business to get featured on this map.

We know that a lot of talented people offer their services to other without having a business! So don’t hesitate, go ahead and make contacts!

Made for Indies

At Xeno Gaming, our main goal is to push the Indie Game Industry!

This Game Dev Map should help Indie Game Developers for their Games and avoid them cancelling projects because skills are missing in their Team.

Free or Paid ?

All submissions are 100% free!

If you wish to get featured, you can pay a small amount for that!

Who's behind all this?

We, Xeno Gaming, created this map.

Our Team helps Indie Game Developers from development to publishing by offering them fair solutions for their games!

Drop us a line if you need any help for your Indie Game!

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