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The tech professionals and freshers of the IT industry who have decided to undergo DevOps training in Bangalore will definitely reap the benefits from it as they will be exposed to better opportunities. DevOps is the unification of Software development and software operations; it has given a cultural twist to the otherwise technology-oriented industry.

There is a lot more collaboration within the team, which has given rise to high levels of efficiency. Further to this, automation plays a huge role in providing quick solutions to the customers, where the most valuable asset of the generation is given utmost importance, i.e, time. In this fast-paced era, organizations are looking out for solutions that can be obtained in the most effective manner by consuming the least amount of time. Hence, the future of DevOps looks quite promising across industries. A few of the highlights are mentioned below:

  • Security

DevOps must ensure the security of the product at all the stages,i.e production as well as testing. It should ensure alignment with the organization’s security policies.

  • Artificial intelligence/Machine learning in DevOps

The automation, continuous monitoring process of DevOps has given rise to lower mistake occurrence, any defects can now be corrected at a much earlier stage. Incorporating AI/ML in DevOps is just going to enhance the functioning of DevOps and lead to a higher level of efficiency.

  • Automation

COVID-19 has given a jumpstart to the digital era as the majority of the companies are present on the internet as it provides higher levels of effectiveness. Automation plays a very important role when it comes to efficiency as solutions can be generated quickly with automation. The quicker and more effective solution provided to the customer keeps the customer happy.

  • Container technology

Container technology is evolving rapidly and this leads to numerous opportunities to improve system security and user analytics.

The biggest boon of DevOps is its ability to provide effective solutions in a short span of time. With the increase in organizations, start-ups, etc, competition has also increased. So companies are on their toes to get that small edge over their competitors. With the incorporation of DevOps, not only does the customer remain happy but so do each and every team member as there is a sense of belonging because every team member is responsible for the quality and effectiveness and the overall DevOps process. To follow DevOps is to handle all things of software ranging from development to deployment and support on the servers. The continuous monitoring, testing and feedback process leads to quick detection of defects and helps in maintaining efficiency as any sort of defect is not left unattended.

Hence, the future of DevOps is bright and several companies will be exploring it. The methods of DevOps itself is changing along with the changing times as there is always a new tool or a new technology in the market.

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