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by GeeksPerHour


GeeksPerHour is a unique and highly innovative IT outsourcing platform with a twist. Our platform seamlessly takes the jobs that businesses need to be done, assess them, and handpicks a developer suited for the project. All of our freelancers are pre-screened professionals, which means that our clients receive the best of both worlds. If you’re looking for world-class results on a deadline, then you’ll enjoy our services. Do you have a strict budget? We’ve got a solution for you.

The GeeksPerHour team guarantees that we will provide a perfectly suited developer for your job. All of our freelancers have been pre-screened to ensure world-class results. In addition, our trial package comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. For our clients, this assures total satisfaction. If you aren’t satisfied with the purchase or results of your trial package, you can seamlessly receive a refund from the Geeks Per Hour team. You are our focus, and the success of our company depends upon the success of yours!

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