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Go WebP

Go WebP

by Go webp

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Optimize your website images using webP or legacy ( .PNG | .JPG | .JPEG ) image extensions/Formats. Go webP WordPress plugin will be optimizing all of your website’s Images with elegant buttons and simple steps.

If you’re including images to your content, you need to minimize them to enhance your site performance. One of the most prominent method of doing it is on GoWebp Image Optimization WordPress Plugin. With GoWebP Plugin you can optimize unlimited images of any size.

Main Features:

Lossless Image Compression. (Compress image without lossing image quality)
Go Lazy load (Lazy load your images so images will not block rendering your website pages.)
Go View port load (Only loads images when it is on screen or close to screen for all devices)
Progressive Loads (Load low resolution images at first and then increase image resolution as per screen size)
Differ image for differ screen (Load different size images as per screen / Device size)
Automattic image optimization. (Optimize images automatically when uploading in media, post or pages)
No Size Limit. (You can optimize any size image, there are no limits)
Image borders. (Allow you to set images border for Post and Pages)
Image Shadow. (Allow you to set shadow for images of Post and Pages)

Premium Features:

Go Webp Format. (Serve images on next-gen Webp format)
Custom Differ Size. (Allow to set custom image size’s for different screen’s)
AMP support. (Allow you to serve optimize images and plugin features for amp pages)
EXIF Data. (Allow your to remove remove EXIF data from images)
Custom Path. (Allow you to set multiple custom path for image source in order to optimize)

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