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Hosting Services from DPoisn.com

Hosting Services from DPoisn.com

by DPoisn LLC


What is the service that we provide?

Often times when we come across new customers that want to have a web presence, and don't know what to do, we step in to help. Previously, we would help them set up their own hosting account with GoDaddy, or one of the many other hosting services.

Even with the most economical service plans they offer, it's still too expensive, and offer WAY more than most of our customers can make practical use of. Since we are the ones maintaining everything for these customers anyway, we determined there was a better way to handle this.

So we have expanded to offer hosting services of our own. We have an even better level of control over all of our customer's sites, because they are all in one place. And we can offer prices that are usually about 50% less than what they would otherwise be paying for the exact same service. In fact, the servers ARE the same. It's just that we have control over the environments.

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