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HP Tech Support Phone Numbers

HP Tech Support Phone Numbers

by HP Support Number 1800-986-4520

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Are you or anyone in your family or friends looking for a Printer and Scanner or searching a printer to purchase a new one for you? If the answer of any of these questions is yes, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we are listing top 3 bestselling printers. You should assess this article. Hopefully, you can get the best printer to buy your desired one.

Customers in search of the top Printer Technical Support companies should look out for printers and scanner pairs that print with sparkling, rich ink. Laser printers are frequently supposed to be the top selling type of printers because they are quite accurate and prints quite clean. Some of these printers and scanners use up a lot of ink cartridges, where other printers ink continues an elongated time.

 Here in this article, we have answered the most popular question in the printer industry, 'What are the top printer brands currently available in the market in USA?' customers searching for brand new printer and scanners will need to enquire a diversity of different printer brands to find out the one that best suits their requirements and specially based on the printers’ quality and features.

The Top 3 Printers Brand are:

  1. Canon
  2. Panasonic
  3. Hewlett Packard


At present Canon is the most 'liked' of all printer brands on social networking websites according to data from various online surveys and polls. Canon offer various features in both the categories of printer: Laser or inkjets. This brand of printer has one of the highest percentages of voting for its printer and scanner items in all classes measured in the web site. Panasonic is comparatively takes high ranking in many of its products including printer and scanner and laptops. Users are frequently using them for their home or official purposes HP SUPPORT NUMBER.

But a user should always keep in mind that if they are buying the product from well-known brand names that doesn’t necessarily mean they are getting good quality product. There are many printer brands such as Lexmark and Epson, despite having a long history in printer and scanning manufacturing, they come somewhere in the middle of this ranking list. HP’s value for money method to calculate clearly has won some of the brownie points in the user group of social networking sites ‘voting list. According to various famous ecommerce sites such as Amazon or Alibaba, these are the printers that sells the most.

Data from several online polls and surveys collecting service with not less that than 75 million public surveys from most famous social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and reddit etc. This position of printers includes criteria most users are currently talking about on social media. The survey result is generally based on the total number of positive and negative opinions within a 3 months period. Having said that these calculations are the volume of opinions in a many printer’s brands using the many average methods.

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