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02 Jan 2023 Site Of The Day


by insaim

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HPTX  is a multimedia studio that creates contemporary art in a way of technology. The client wanted to update the current site. The main problem was that the site is overloaded, the information is irrelevant and does not fully reflect the studio's activities, and it does not stand out at all among competitors.

The hptx team already had a mini-guideline with logo colors and fonts, but we decided to supplement it and rework it. We gathered all the competitors and put their sites in front of us. We needed to understand how to stand out and what to focus on. At the stage of the search for references, we stopped at several minimalistic options with an interesting grid. We were also inspired by various futuristic videos and 3D art.

We remembered that hptx actually makes cool AR, VR, XR, Web and CG projects and decided to use 3D objects in the concept. We had a technological limitation – the guys wanted to edit the content conveniently, so the project was built on Tilda Publishing. And we realized that such a technique as highlighting an object on the top layer will help us create a sense of volume, and can also be developed on the chosen platform. The project is based mainly on standard blocks for ease of editing, which we stylized to fit the design. JSON animation was used for 3D objects.

The project turned out to be unusual and neat. Because of the interactive elements, a sense of uniqueness and novelty is created. All 3D elements are taken from the customer's cases, which immediately demonstrates the result of the work of the hptx team. 

As a result, we expanded the company's guideline, put together a website that is memorable and stands out from the competition. The user is now greeted with funny 3D objects that demonstrate the capabilities of hptx.

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