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WHERE'S WILD is an interactive wildlife map phone app that lets you both see what wildlife has been spotted in the area, and easily add to the real-time map.

Your outdoor adventures deserve more than a simple blog entry or status update. Where's Wild an interactive map app for wild animals trackers, naturalists, outdoor enthusiast, photographers, wildlife professionals and enthusiasts who are interested in enjoying wild animals, birds and other creatures in their natural environment.

When you’re experiencing the best that Mother Nature has to offer, this app provides a way to chronicle your expeditions using stats, feature to pin animals locations, click pictures of wild animals you have spotted, add directions for fellow trackers in the map, stream videos, descriptions and more.

Application Features: -
Map & Animal Search - See a map of sighted wildlife & search for specific animals on the map.

Add To Map - Easily add to the map-simply select the animal you see, and the app adds a marker on a map at that exact longitude and latitude. Use timestamp feature of this app to make is real-time.

Add Pictures – It allows the user to add pictures and videos and even a live stream.

Share - The user can share pictures, stream video on FB, Google+, Twitter, Mail and text SMS.

Search Animals - Search for specific animals.

Get Directions - Get driving directions to wildlife directly through Google maps.

Favorite Pin - You can favorite Pin to access it in future.

Favorite User - You can add your friends and family to a favorite list to directly check the pins.

SOS - You can click on the button to directly call to emergency service at any moment.

How the Application works:

Track wildlife near your location using Google maps.

Filter already spotted and pinned specific wild animals from filters available.

Share photos and videos pin by other users on WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

Add pins to your favorite list and like others pins.

The user can pin wild animals and can add images, videos, text for more details and directions for other users.

Get notifications on animals spotted within certain miles of the area around you as per notification settings.

Download Where’s Wild for a new way to experience the wildlife sanctuaries and an animal park has to offer! Enjoy behind-the-scenes stories about the animals you spot, photos you click, and videos.


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