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Assisted Reproductive technology is like backbone for infertile couples who were finding difficulty in conceiving. More and more people are seemed to be more acceptable towards the ART techniques and they don't hesitate while seeking the help of an IVF Specialist. And that's why new IVF clinics are opening nowadays in fast growth.

An increasing number of IVF clinics have raised the need for well trained embryologists not only in India but across the world. Embryology training course is an important aspect of infertility treatment. If you are a medical professional and undergone right Embryology Course then you can be a successful professional in the field of ART Techniques.

Choosing the best clinical embryology training center is an important factor for your success as an embryologist. An embryology courses which includes:

  • Introduction to laboratory procedures, equipment and apparatus.
  • Proper handling of pipettes and pumps
  • Embryo culture, blastocysts, and culture medium
  • Sperm preparation, cryopreservation, preparation for In-vitro fertilization and ICSI stimulation protocols
  • Embryo selection, embryo transfer
  • Quality control and maintenance, record-keeping

Consider IIRRH Institute for most effective Clinical Embryology Training Course:

IIRRH is one of the most reputed IVF, Embryology, IUI & ICSI training institutes in India. It offers top rated training in assisted reproductive technology training. Backed by our medical director Dr. Kamini Rao, India’s renowned IVF specialist, IIRRH makes IVF Training & Embryology training a great learning experience for you.

IIRRH is organizing Life Conference 2019 which is 9th Medical Conference in Bangalore where you can discuss, debate & decide on topic of "Medical Disorders: Infertility & beyond", and it’s a good platform to refresh your knowledge and explore your latest innovation in this field.

Website: www.iirrh.org

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