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IMPACT NLP Life Coaching

IMPACT NLP Life Coaching

by NLP - Impact Life Coach


Welcome to IMPACT NLP Life Coaching, a place where you can find your inner strength and explore your true self. Meet Sabahat and Nazia, expert life coach in dubai, two sisters bound by a shared passion for guiding individuals on their transformative journeys.

Though we’ve taken different paths, our goal is the same: to help you become stronger and happier. Sabahat is an expert in transformation and relationships, focusing on empowering women and young people. Her own journey of self-discovery began during a tough time, inspiring her to share her wisdom with others facing similar struggles. With her special skills, she acts as a guiding light, helping people find their true selves, bounce back from challenges, and grow personally.

Nazia’s journey took her from a busy corporate job to the world of motherhood, a change many can relate to. Her transformation, powered by the incredible magic of NLP, motivated her to guide others in conquering obstacles and building the life they’ve always dreamed of. Thanks to her diverse background, she has deep insights into how relationships work, the power of emotions, and how education can change lives. Nazia’s mission extends to empowering youth and providing academic guidance.

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