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Industrial Machinery Corporation

Industrial Machinery Corporation

by Industrial Machinery Corporation


A pipe threading machine or a pipe thread cutting machine is a device that is used to make the thread design at the end of a pipe's section. These machines make it possible to produce pipe threads that are smooth and uniform in nature. They also allow users to create pipes that are equipped with custom thread designs as well as pipes that are developed with universal threads.

At one point of time, pipe threading machines were exclusively used by large scale manufacturers who primarily focused on mass production of differently sized threaded steel pipes. Apart from carving the specific thread design, the IMC machines would also dissect the pipe into smaller, workable sections and also ream out the pipes to make sure that there were no problems within the main pipe. Over time, the procedure for threading and cutting pipes were more and more refined, thus making it possible to come up with finished products for sale within a very short duration of time. Not only have the latest models of IMC pipe threading machines increased the overall efficiency of production; they also require much less maintenance than the older models.

The latest models of IMC pipe threading machines are also designed to cut materials other than the standard metallic ones. Pipes that are made of resin or plastic materials can now be worked on by these IMC threading machines without any worrying about overheating or damage caused to the finished products. There are numerous manufacturers that use these machines for preparing low cost plastic pipes by using the thread configurations that are universally recognized.

As the demand for high quality column and casing pipe threading machines have increased over the last few years, numerous companies all over India now produce these machines of different capacities and parameters. Before finally choosing a manufacturer from whom you can buy a IMC pipe threading machine, it is important for you to consider your specific needs and budget parameters, as that way you will be able to find out easily who has the product that matches your priorities. It is also very important not to go overboard with a low budget approach. While saving on costs will definitely be one of main priorities, insisting too much on lower rates may make you end up with a product that does not ideally match your expectations. The best way to make a purchase would be to compare a few brands and then choosing one of them as your final dealer.

The faster production of plastic and steel pipes needs  enabled column and casing pipe threading machines . You can buy these products from Industrial Machinery Corporation (IMC)

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