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Growing number of states have legalized medical and recreational Marijuana in the mid 2010’s. This saw a major increase in the sale and consumption of Marijuana. According to a Retail Dive report, Colorado’s licensed retailers in 2016 notched nearly a billion dollars in sales one year after legalizing recreational marijuana.

The same report states that the global cannabis market has reached $150 billion, and by 2025 legal cannabis will encompass 77% of the market, or $166 billion.

As a result, dispensaries have turned to eCommerce infrastructures in order to scale their operations and meet widespread demand. In this rush to capture and capitalize on the growing demand many small businesses took pace with the help of a digital platform and grew into well-recognized establishments.

Leafly is one of them. It’s app is considered as one of the best weed apps of all.

Leafly is the end destination to know everything about Cannabis and buy too!

Started in 2010, Leafly is now a website with more than 15 million monthly visitors and 40 million page views across its website and mobile applications

Keeping Leafly as a benchmark, many existing cannabis dispensaries are now moving towards online cannabis delivery to reach out to a larger target audience thereby making medical cannabis a easily available strain.

We have listed out the Top 7 leading Cannabis delivery Websites & Apps that have really made their way in the eCommerce segment and are embarking as a role model to existing brick and mortar cannabis store owners and also startups. 

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