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inoday- Netsuite Consulting Company

inoday- Netsuite Consulting Company

by inoday


NetSuite Development – NetSuite Developers Vs In-house Team

Before debating offshore development team versus in-house team, let’s understand what exactly NetSuite is. As a globally recognized, cloud-based ERP solution, offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), Oracle NetSuite enables small to large-sized business to improve productivity. By automating front- and back-office processes including: financial management, revenue management, fixed assets, order management, billing, and inventory management, NetSuite offers a host of benefits including enhanced employee productivity via cross-departmental system integration and software automation. By delivering real-time data visibility, NetSuite enables top management to analyze key performance indicators and make more informed decisions based on built-in intelligence. With proven and trusted financial management capabilities, NetSuite enables businesses to take decisions faster and improve workforce productivity. All these things associated with productivity and automation depends on the successful implementation of ERP. Whom should you prefer offshore NetSuite Developers or in-house team?

Who are NetSuite Solution Providers?

NetSuite Solution Providers (also known as NetSuite Implementation Partners) are independent companies that help businesses to enhance performance with NetSuite Implementation and integration services. These organizations harbor team of talented NetSuite Developers who suggest you which modules can benefit your business and how to automate workflows. In nutshell, NetSuite Solution Providers help you to get the most from your NetSuite investment, as well as training and even IT services if you encounter software and often hardware problems as well.

Reasons to Outsource NetSuite Development

Large Pool of Talent – It is always not possible to have most eligible and perfect resources in the in-house team. With off-shore team, you have access to skilled workforce all over the world. This workforce includes all the resources including NetSuite Developers, Testers, Account managers, etc that are required for the successful implementation of ERP. In fact, NetSuite Solution providers will take care of everything from development to deployment to support. However, with in-house team, there are always chances to not getting the suitable resources or employees leaving the job in critical stage of implementation. Outsourcing takes care of all these things so that you should concentrate on your core business.

Low CostImplementation of ERP is a time consuming process. From few months to several years are required if the implementation is complex. In case, you need in-house team, then have to set up infrastructure alongside providing them employee benefits that cost you more as compared to off-shore team.

Compliance – NetSuite Solution providers offer different engagement models. You can select resources hourly basis or can hire a dedicated team of NetSuite Developers who can manage your project. With this, you always remain compliant. You don’t have to worry about expansions, hiring, firing, office space, healthcare and retirement plans, HR related problems, and physical infrastructure in case of off-shore software development.

Question to ask before hiring NetSuite Solution Provider

  1. How many successful NetSuite Implementation projects they have completed?

It is certainly the most genuine question. In case, they haven’t successfully implemented NetSuite projects, then there is a possibility that they won’t perfectly handle the complex problems associated with your business. Implementation of ERP for each industry is different and experience goes a long well in any consulting field. Make sure that NetSuite Consulting firm you hire has the requisite experience to do the job right.

  1. Do they have experience of your industry?

Having experience in consulting is one thing and having experience of the same industry niche is different. If NetSuite Solution Provider has experience related to your industry, then it is really something great. This will give them better understanding of business alongside reduce the overall implementation time.

  1. How many resources will be working on project, and what are their qualifications?

There is no iota of doubt that customizations can be a complicated process that requires a particular set of knowledge, skill, and ability to accomplish successfully. You require a dedicated team of experts that includes NetSuite Developers, Functional Consultants, Testers, Account Managers, etc. So, you should ask how many resources and also for what duration. NetSuite Solution Providers follow different engagement models like dedicated team model or hourly model, etc. So, make it clear about the costing, number of resources & engagement model.

  1. References?

Ask for the previously performed projects. If NetSuite Implementation Partner has worked previously, then you will surely get the reference that can further be used to get review of service.

  1. Point of Contact?

Please ask for the dedicated account manager with whom you can connect for communication. A single point of contact is very important to fix issues, discuss things, etc.

The Bottom Line

Thus, we can infer how partnering with NetSuite Solution Provider enhance the probability of successful ERP Implementation. Furthermore, you don’t have to invest much as off-shore development is cost-effective as compared to in-house development. Off shore teams harbor pool of talented NetSuite Developers who can understand your unique business requirements to deliver solution that streamlines processes and automate workflows.   

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