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iZone - Come home to a smart home

iZone - Come home to a smart home

by iZone - Come home to a smart home

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It starts with degree-perfect climate control and comfort in every room. With unparalleled energy efficiency and savings. And then it gets even better. Add as much – or as little – iZone Smart Home functionality as you like, whenever you want.

Control your home’s air conditioning, lighting, irrigation, garage door, roller blinds and appliances with iZone precision, even when you’re out.

Monitor your home and make it as secure, energy efficient, water wise and economical as it can be.

Integrate all your favourite lifestyle and entertainment apps – Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit (Siri), IFTTT, Sonos, Samsung SmartThings,  and Spotify – for a seamless, voice-controlled smart home experience your whole family can enjoy.

Your iZone Smart Air Conditioning and Smart Home system can do it all. Wirelessly. Seamlessly. Intuitively. It will even pay for itself before you know it.

Turns any ducted air conditioner into a smart home

Smart air conditioning is just the start.

Imagine enjoying the same home-wide, energy-saving, anytime-anywhere control over your home’s lighting. And your home’s irrigation. Your entertainment technology. Your home’s power and security. Even your not so-smart appliances, garage door and roller blinds – the one’s that are not wifi enabled.

OK, so you’ve got your iZone Smart Air Conditioning system. You’re now equipped with the most precise, efficient, intuitive air conditioning control system around. But that’s just the start – you have the foundation of the ultimate customisable, upgradeable iZone Smart Home system.

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