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Kiran Hospitals

Kiran Hospitals

by Kiran Hospitals

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                                                            KIRAN HOSPITALS IN HYDERABAD

Kiran Hospitals, Hyderabad is a landmark health care centre of the city. It is known for its quality health services and thousands of satisfied patients who vouch for the care and attention they got from qualified and professional doctors and staff during their stay and recuperation in the hospital.

Starting from the year 2002, Kiran hospitals has established itself as a quality health care provider for the last almost two decades. It has earned a good reputation and trust of Hyderabad citizens.

The founder of Kiran Hospitals Dr. M. Sai Leela used their long medical practice and experience to bring together a dedicated team of doctors who man Gynaecological, General medicine, General Surgery, pregnancy care, delivery and labour, minimal invasive surgery and infertility departments. 

The USP of Kiran Hospitals are its dedicated and qualified team of doctors and staff whose specialised services has earned a great respect among the growing number of successfully treated patients who are itself a source of reputation for the hospital.

Kiran Hospitals has a state of the art Gynaecological department. It provides a wide range of gynaecological care to women of different age groups. Patients feel comfortable with empathetic doctors ready to carefully listen to their concerns to arrive at proper diagnosis and line of treatment.

The General medicine department of Kiran Hospitals is preferred by increasing number of people for general health check-up and management of life style diseases like diabetes and hypertension and other ailments like allergy and asthma.

Minimal invasive surgery has gained popularity due to its relatively better results in certain ailments. Kiran Hospitals specialises in a range of such surgeries that can be taken care of by laparoscopic procedures.

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