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by GuruLabs

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Website of beauty salon "Comme il faut" (Comilfo)

To develop a new, modern website for a prestigious beauty salon. Raise the profile among potential visitors.

The algorithm is the following:

1. Marketing Research

Before starting work, we asked the customer to provide us with a complete list of services, information on the nearest competitors, after that we gathered information by ouselves and analysed everything. There was made up ad scheme of presenting information on the future client's site .

Before developing a design, there was made a photography of the interior of the salon, cabinets, equipped with all modern standards, then these photos have been posted on the website.

2. Design concept of the site layout

After the analysis and development of the concept, the designer began to work who was supposed to take into account all the client's wishes, colors in the salon interior and to integrate it in the best possible way in the design of the website.

The site also has been provided with a block of the work results of the interior masters - these gorgeous hairstyles, professional make-up speak for themselves! It is worth to come! And website design emphasizes it in the right way.

The information on the website is presented in such a way that visitors can find everything they need as quickly as possible.

The website looks great on the screens of any resolution, no way round it.

3. Development, testing and launch of the website

The next step is page-layouting and programming. The website became functional and looks like a 'live' directory of services.

The developer implemented feedback forms, easy viewing of works. The website also is filled with useful texts describing the specifics of the technology and the work of salon masters.

Result: Beauty Salon has gained official and modern office on the Internet, thus expanded its customer base. There was done an active work on the promotional policy which also has a positive result on the number of applications from the website.

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