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Krause Studio

14 Feb 2020 Site Of The Day

Krause Studio

by Krause Studio


Newly hired freelance graphic designer, web developer, and visual storyteller. Developing a portfolio with the intention of serving as a gallery as well as information sharing can be a challenge. I need to reflect on myself, my work, but with a focus on creating the strongest first impression for gallery visitors. In addition, the opportunity for staff/team development is clarified.

In order for the company to be relatively small now, but striving to grow, the site must be able to handle anything between 100-1,000 customers, customer sites, case studies, and some disciplines. An identification structure has been developed that makes it easy for all parties to participate. You enter the gallery, walk from project to project, and have navigation in every corner. You then switch from room to room in the gallery and this is reflected by interactions.

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