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Lancers International School Gurgaon

Lancers International School Gurgaon

by lancer


At Lancers International School, students discover and develop their academic, sporting and artistic talents, and the stimulating atmosphere continuously offers them new experiences that pique their curiosity and develop an inquiring mind. As educationists, we feel it’s our duty to offer an environment that’s warm, appealing and intellectually fulfilling; a place that students look forward to going to every morning. And being among the list of top schools in Gurgaon, we’ve been able to create such a space of learning with teachers who engage with the students instead of informing; a place where students are encouraged to be whom they are instead of molding them into people we think they ought to be. At LIS, our students learn to live in an international community, gradually assume greater responsibility according to their age and make lifelong friends.

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