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Luxe Aura Hair

Luxe Aura Hair

by Luxe Aura Hair

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As a recent west coast transplant, this is the best place I've found on the east coast for extensions. I travel to NYC to get my microlinks maintained here because I trust their skills. Extensions aren't a service they just offer, it's the main business so you know that the stylists are skilled and experts in anything from wigs to microlinks to sew ins. - jocina b.

Walked in a little brassy blonde with piecey-like tape in extensions...walked out feeling beautiful with color that suits my skin tone and awesome fusion extensions that NO ONE would know are in my hair!!! A+++++ service and fantastic prices! The quality of the hair is fantastic. From now on, the only place I will go!!!! Beautiful extensions and gorgeous color!” - kathy s.

I've been a client for over 6 years and have been completely thrilled with the beautiful, natural, virgin hair extensions... I keep going because the hair is easy for me to work with. I own a boutique fitness studio in CT so my hair takes a beating - it goes up easily in a ponytail, washes and styles easily and always looks gorgeous and healthy. I get so many compliments and that is why I keep going back to NY for my extensions. I love the staff! - jodi h.

Today, human hair extensions are the solution to achieve the hair of your dreams. Our hair extensions salon on Long Island offers the best hair extensions services to meet your hair needs. Whether you are seeking a Hair Salon for Thinning Hair on Long Island bala​yage or a Hair Extensions Specialist Salon on Long Island, Luxe Aura Hair Extensions Long Island Salon aims to always satisfy Long Island clients who place their trust in us.

-We only work with the most prestigious and top quality human hair extensions on the market.

-We offer over seven (7) different methods and use the most suitable hair extension application techniques customized to your hair needs. 

Human Hair Extensions can enhance your self-confidence whether you are experiencing hair loss solutions for men, hair loss after giving birth, thinning hair solutions, or hair extensions for damaged hair. Here are four reasons why you should choose to wear hair extensions on Long Island.


One of the benefits of Long Island Hair Extensions is that they do not damage the hair. With proper care, hair extensions are actually designed to grow out with your natural hair so it all remains healthy and strong


Are you dreaming of Beyoncé's hair Volume? If you have used many different products to get volume and find that nothing works, Long Island tape-in extensions will give you the volume of your dreams! Gain length & volume quickly.


The most significant advantage of hair extensions is that they can be removed at any time. Whether they are semi-permanent or temporary, you can try the extensions for an evening, a day, a particular event, or for a few months and more. 

A short extension application will not damage your scalp or hair. The hair extension installation may take few hours, but you won't be disappointed with the results. It should be noted that several options are on sale in our Long Island hair Salon, and they are available in several colors. 

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