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Max Holder GmbH

Max Holder GmbH

by Max Holder

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Max Holder GmbH is a noted manufacturer of multifunctional vehicles for use in municipalities, viticulture, and horticulture.

Founded in 1888, the established company from Metzingen in Germany’s South offers comprehensive solutions and services worldwide: multifunctional carrier vehicles, municipal tractor, street sweeper machines manufacturers, compact implement carriers, road sweeping machine, holder lawn mower, municipal holder vehicles, implement carrier tractor and lawn mower holder manufacturer, suitable attachment technology, customized services, and flexible rental concepts.

Over 250 distributors and service partners around the world confirm that our customers' vehicles are always in top technical condition and ready to work. We offer our customers true multi-functionality, tailored solutions, and all-inclusive care with our wide range of vehicles and one of the most prominent selections of attachments on the market, for several uses and applications.

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