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Maximaa Proyurveda

Maximaa Proyurveda

by Maximaa Proyurveda

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Maximaa Proyurveda is engaged into manufacturing of Herbal/Ayurvedic Health Supplements developed by modern cutting edge fully automated facility and unique blends of Ayurveda in GMP certified and WHO-GMP manufacturing facility of its own.

 We have products in our basket for various health disorders like diabetes, arthritis, cough, osteoporosis, anaemia, piles, respiratory disorders, hyper-acidity, liver diseases, skin diseases; and other prophylactic therapies for immunity, memory enhancement, etc.

 All our products are backed & protected by U.S, China and Indian Patent, and can be used in Preventive as well as Curative Healthcare.

All our products are registered under AYUSH department and need no prescription to sell.

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