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Metal Art Cryptocurrency Blog

Metal Art Cryptocurrency Blog

by DPoisn LLC


Blog dedicated to cryptocurrency, and all the ins and outs of investing, holding, mining, faucets, exchanges, and all the other fun stuff that goes with it.

I do not claim to be an expert, like so many others do. But I have done some research and I have some experience. Just hoping to pass that along, and make it somewhat entertaining in the process.

While writing up new articles, I will do my best to avoid plugging specific sites, or even specific coins, as I don't want there to be any appearance that I am being paid for such promotions. Such mercenary activity, in my view, is a knock to my credibility. So I will avoid that as much as I can. But from time to time, things will come up. This does not include some of the banners and stuff on the site. They are quite specific because those are sites on which I actually do own accounts. I trust them, and I use them. But that is as far as my promoting them goes.

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