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by Mind&Mom;

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Mind and Mom is the pregnancy tracker app that gives you health care tips about pregnancy. It provides:

  • A free Pregnancy report scanner.

  • Weekly calculator.

  • Diet plan that can help a pregnant woman and better understand pregnancy symptoms.

It serves as useful information and the ultimate guide to women to make their pregnancy free from stress and pain. The tool gives you access to mood, food, and drink tracking. Also, it sets a reminder for your appointments. It connects you with your baby, and you can enjoy your baby’s growth. Nourish features will be taken care of with healthy diet plans, which help you during pregnancy discomforts. It Provides you excellent skin-care pregnancy routines with natural ingredients for all types of skin.


Mind & Mom is the motivational app for pregnant women to keep them away from a stressful and complicated pregnancy. By this, you can track your pregnancy and baby’s growth. It sets a program to keep yourself fit and healthy every trimester—the free tools to help you track your water and food needs. The weight tracker can help you to the exact growth of your child. Also organizes for you the plans of pregnancy calendar, hospital bag, Birth plan, baby shopping list. 


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