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Design Nominees


by Mindrops


Mindrops is an IT and Web Services company that provides its global, multilingual clientele with a full range of quality digital solutions; from Mobile App Ontwikkeling and Website Ontwerpen to Custom Software Development. It is headquartered in New Delhi, India yet also has offices in the US and in Europe. Mindrops offers a complete gamut of internet technology services and a strong process-driven approach, specializing in developing easy-to-scale, customized platforms that bring brands and businesses together with their networks, users, and customers. Our services; JS Stack Ontwikkeling , Mobile App Ontwikkeling, Website Ontwerpen, and Digital Design Services. We also serve as a Digital Marketing Bureau. 

Mindrops can be one of the best technology partners for you. You get the right business consultant, the best fit in technical developers, some eagle-eyed Quality Assurance professionals, and highly qualified Project Managers.

Mindrops' philosophy is of “thinking together, creating together”. Having a strong relationship and communication between us and our clients is very essential for achieving success together. We believe in working together with the client, not just for the client. Our tagline represents our desire to think and work together with our partners and our team members to achieve results. Together we think and together we create innovations.

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