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Nanoarch Software

Nanoarch Software

by Nanoarch Software Solutions


In enterprise software terminology, ERP for small businesses (or small business ERP) means lighter business management software that is designed to meet the needs and requirements of small business. We at Nanoarch Software delivered free Open ERP software solutions which integrates development, manufacturing, sales and marketing. Small business ERP is typically a SAAS (Software as a service) model and includes project management, financials, manufacturing, warehouse management, accounting and sales management.   As the competition is increasing in digital as well as the traditional market, there is a dire need for companies to implement ERP software solutions to automate their data.

Why use enterprise resource planning software?

There are several reasons for using ERP Software for small business as it increases, cost efficiency of your business organizations and allows you to automate data and information.

Let’s break down the advantages of ERP software:

  1. It Increases efficiency: Business process like accounting, sales, marketing, products and inventory are integrated into one ERP platform. It is easier to collect and access data across the organizations, streamlining cross-departmental workflows. 
  2. It Promotes Collaboration: ERP breaks down walls between departments. The software will make your task easier and reliable as you can store your business-related data and information at a single place with complete safety and security.
  3. It increases Data Security: One of the major advantages of using open ERP Software is that it allows you to protect your business-related data and information. ERP solutions subscribe to reporting protocols for aspects like financial accounting, product regulation and data security.
  4. It Reduces Operational Cost: ERP Software will also reduce your business operational cost. The Software will make your works easier and reliable, as ERP Software have Firewall and restrictions controls to guard against a data breach.


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