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National Lab. for Soil Investigation & Building Materials Testing is a professional licensed leading soil and construction materials testing laboratory in the Northern Emirates established on 19th September 1987 at Sharjah, UAE, under the ownership of Eng. Khalid Abdullah Al Suhail, and Eng. Abdullah Amiri, approved by the Ministry Of Infrastructure Development and under Sharjah Laboratories Registration Program with the certified management system that conforms with ISO 9001:2015 (Certificate Registration No.44100I6580048) with ongoing IS017025:2017 accreditation by ENAS.

The Materials Testing Lab provides testing services mainly for Soil Investigation (auger boring, standard penetration test and trial pits), Concrete Investigation (ultrasonic pulse velocity, Schmidt hammer, drilled core test, compressive strength including cube, block, interlock, and kerbstone), Soil Test (liquid and plastic limit, linear shrinkage, particle density, sieve analysis, in-situ density test, moisture dry density, Califomia Bearing Ratio, bearing capacity by plate load test, electrical resistivity, moisture content), Aggregate Test (Sieve analysis, clay lumps and friable, sand equivalent, bulk density, flakiness, elongation, particle density and water absorption, Specific gravity, crushing value, TFV, Los Angeles Abrasion Value, impact value, soundness, organic impurities), Steel Test (cross-sectional area, mass, tensile properties, bend and rebend, epoxy coating thickness), and Chemical Analysis for soil, aggregate, concrete and water (sulfate, chloride, pH, TDS).

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