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Oliver Software

Oliver Software

by Oliver Software

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Oliver Software is the next generation of employee benefits software. We are a comprehensive, scalable, and affordable solution that will change the way you administer your employees' benefits and retirement plans. Our team is made up of people who are just as passionate about health care benefits as you are. He saw firsthand how important it was to make managing employee benefits easy for employers with a large staff in various locations across the country or around the world.

Time is precious
Accurately qualifying and determining eligibility for hourly employees can be tough, especially with complex plan provisions. Learn how Oliver’s Hour Bank Product can streamline your workflows.

Not everything gets better with age
Unlike a fine wine, your legacy software doesn’t get better with age. Oliver will streamline your day-to-day processes and seamlessly migrate your legacy data for one, or all of your plans.

It pays to be flexible
Legacy system modifications can create big headaches for an administrator. However, these changes are often dependent on a single individual. Learn how our configuration strategy supports our Pension Plan Products.

Oliver Software can be configured for a single-employer or within a multiple-employer environment. Different administrative environments mean different workflows. For example, Oliver’s comprehensive solution can handle multiple plans and employers or, just one simple plan. Complex plan rules are no problem for Oliver. In addition, our pricing model means we’re affordable and accessible for everyone.

By taking the step to upgrade your legacy software to Oliver today, you are passing on significant value to your plan sponsors and members. Let us show you how you can put Oliver Software to work for you.

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