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by Panoptica


Panoptica integrates security into every stage of the cloud-native app development cycle, protecting Kubernetes, containers, APIs, and serverless functions. Long-Panoptica is a cloud-native security platform designed to protect the Kubernetes orchestration environment and containers, microservices, APIs, serverless functions, and the software supply chain. It simplifies the job of comprehensively securing your cloud-native application development lifecycle—from build pipelines to workload runtimes running in one or more clouds. 

Panoptica provides visibility, prioritizes risk, and offers remediation guidance to take policy-driven action to protect your applications from security attacks. It enables frictionless collaboration among DevSecOps and supports open-source innovations using sigstore and the OpenClarity portfolio.

Panoptica lets you innovate your modern cloud-native applications faster and reduces time to market by driving security automation through the entire application development process.

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