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Pert Home Automation

Pert Home Automation

by Pert Home Automation

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Pert is the new forerunner of the smart world, providing innovative & intelligent technological solutions for all your home automation needs. We have been shaping the smart home industry by providing the most affordable and convenient connected solutions in India, created in India, for India.

Pert home automation systems are designed to seamlessly adapt to your lifestyle and working environment, allowing you to monitor and manage the same from the comfort of your phone, in a stress-free and convenient fashion. Our wide range of smart products like plugs, sensors and switches enable you to automate your home or workplace, effortlessly and efficiently.

We are located across major cities  like Hyderabad,Mumbai,Bangalore,Pune,Ahmedabad, and have a wide network of dealers through out India

Pert Home Automation Mumbai

Pert belongs to the next generation company of home automation mumbai, India, that provides you a home that wholly embraces intelligent technology.We allow you a greater measure of control and security over your home. Our services are accessible, affordable, easy to install, safe and secure, and completely retrofittable.Pert makes it easier to be in control. Our intelligent and user-friendly app helps to seamlessly unite home automation systems with the smartphone, granting you complete command over your home, from the convenience of your palm.We offer home automation solutions in Mumbai,NaviMumbai,Thane,Mira bhayandar


Home Automation Solutions:

  • Pert 8-Node Wifi smart switch (Can control your 8 switches in a single board, with max 200W load you can put on each node)
  • Pert 4-Node Wifi smart switch  (Can control your 4 switches in a single board, with max 200W load you can put on each node)
  • Pert 2-node Wifi smart switch(Can Control your 2 switches in a single board, with max 200 we load on node 1 and with max 2300W load you can put on second node node)
  • Pert Smart Plug (Can control heavy loads like AC, geyser, pump etc, you can put max 3500W load on it)
  • Pert Multi Sensor (Can sense illumination, temp, IR) & it will work as a controller for Motion Sensor & Door Sensor
  • Pert Motion Sensor (Can detect the motion)
  • Pert Door Sensor (Can detect the door open)
  • RGB Light Controller (Can control the RGB Light & you can change the color of the LED)
  • Electronics door lock controller (Control the Electronics Door lock through mobile APP)
  • Curtain Controller (Control the Motorized curtain through mob APP)
  • Microwave Sensor (Automation for lights)
  • Pert Remote ( Can control all remote based devices)
  • Pert 4node (B)  Wifi Smart Switch ( Can control your 4 switches in a single board, 1st node is for fan with max capacity 200W load dimmable, 2, 3 & 4 nodes are non-dimmable. 

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