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Pinghu Huacheng Clothes Materials Co.,Ltd.

Pinghu Huacheng Clothes Materials Co.,Ltd.

by Pinghu Huacheng Clothes Materials Co.,Ltd.

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The zipper is a fastener consisting of a row of metal or plastic teeth on each of two belts, used to connect the edges of an opening (e.g. a garment or bag opening), with a sliding piece that pulls the two rows of teeth into the interlocking position to close the opening, used for sewing on clothes, pockets or bags.

The zipper is made up of the teeth, the slider, the limit code (front and back) or the locking piece. The chain teeth are the key part of the zip, which directly determines the strength of the side pull. Generally, zips have two pieces of chain belt, each with one row of teeth, which are arranged in a staggered pattern. The zipper head grips both sides of the chain teeth, and with the help of the sliding loop, the two sides of the chain teeth can be engaged or disengaged from each other.

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