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Portfolio of Alexander Beck – Digital Designer and Art Director

05 Sep 2020 Site Of The Day

Portfolio of Alexander Beck – Digital Designer and Art Director

by Alexander Beck


Hands down 1# most challenging project for most designers: creating a personal portfolio. Whenever I worked on 'portfolio-stuff' in the past, I found myself in a deep state of anxiety, insecure about my design choices and struggling with impostor-syndrome.

This time around, I wanted to try something else, something wholly monumental and bold: just. have. fun. with. it. *wink* 

I always loved websites that try out things, not because of conversion rates or user retention, but rather to, show the personality of the makers in action and push conventions into weird new places – just enjoying the craft of visual expression. 

This website is a long one-pager full of colourful typography and fun doodles (which I do quite a bit to get my brain going). A progress indicator on top helps you not get lost, and the navigation patterns are familiar and super-straightforward (it's 2020, no one ever liked scroll-jacking). 

The page takes you through a bit of professional background about me, followed by projects with a level of detail that's not too long and not too short *knock on wood*.

As a designer who struggled to find their voice for a long time, I must say, working on this project helped me let go of creative baggage and find new excitement in my job. 

I hope you enjoy it as well ✌️

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