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Precious Gem Surfaces

Precious Gem Surfaces

by Precious Gem Surfaces

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Gemstone slabs have been used for ages in a variety of applications around the world. In the basic sense, gemstone slabs have been divided into two categories that are semi-precious slabs and precious slabs. Semi-precious stone slabs add a unique character to any space that they have been installed in. We at Precious Gem Surfaces presents you with a wide range of Semi-Precious stone slabs in India. Semi-Precious stones like tiger eye slabs, Blue agate slabs, lapis lazuli, labradorite slabs, etc. are added to many ornament pieces or the furniture lending their precious art like aura to the space they adorn. Moreover, our collection of Semi-Precious products include Semi Precious furniture, Semi-Precious Table Tops, Semi Precious Stone Furnitures and more to give a sophisticated touch to your space.

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