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by Prismetric

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The first free online market place for used items that connects supply and demand in real-time by using Dutch auctions.


How it works?

As a seller,

you will set your starting price, lowest price and the timeframe in which you would like to sell your item. No buyer will know your lowest price. After posting your item, the price of the item will start linearly dropping until someone reserves the item for review and subsequently buys it offline or the price reaches the lowest defined point. If the buyer reserves your item, the auction will stop at the current price and only he will be able to chat with you to arrange the rest of the trade. You may always reject the buyer if you wish.

As a buyer,

you can see posted items, whose prices are dropping over time.

Once you select your desired item, you can:

  • Chat with the seller to ask questions

  • Move the item to your Watch list to obtain a notification when the item’s price reaches your desired level

  • Reserve the item at the current price for subsequent item’s offline review and finalization of the purchase. Reservation of the item grants you the exclusivity to chat with the seller as the only buyer, however you may always reject the item at any time if you wish.

Finally, the actual transaction takes place outside of DropDnD.

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