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PRLab | PR Agency - PR Firm

PRLab | PR Agency - PR Firm

by Genaro Palma

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PRLab is a global tech PR agency with offices in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Austin, and Munich, focusing on startups and technology companies. When standard PR tactics are insufficient, our innovative approach ensures the achievement of your objectives and the attraction of new leads.

Our agency stands at the forefront of public relations innovation, adept at navigating the tech media's rapid pace. By working together, we generate noteworthy content and motivate your company toward impactful change.

Discover our extensive public relations blog on our website, a valuable resource for industry insights.

Questions about PRLab

Which services do you offer?

Our agency offers a variety of public relations services, such as PR consulting, tailored PR strategies, continuous media outreach, international market pitching, thought leadership pieces, media training, SEO services, digital PR, and internal communication strategies.

What types of companies do you serve?

Our primary focus is on serving technology companies, startups, and corporate clients within various tech sectors, including FinTech, CleanTech & Renewable Energy, SaaS, BioTech, High-Tech, HealthTech & MedTech, Healthcare & Medical, EdTech, Financial Services, Blockchain, NFT and Web3, Cryptocurrencies, Retail, Cybersecurity, Automotive & Transportation, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and HRTech.

Where can we expect to get coverage?

Our objective is to attain coverage that aligns perfectly with your goals, which can be diverse. Our agency has a track record of securing placements for our clients in prominent media outlets such as Forbes, CNBC, The Financial Times, EU Startups, TechCrunch, and Silicon Canals, as well as in niche publications like The Fintech Times and PYMNTS, catering to specific industry interests.

How do you determine the success of a PR campaign?

Determining the success of a PR campaign is vital to understand its influence and to fine-tune strategies moving forward. Our approach to measuring success is tailored to the industry and specific KPIs we aim to meet.

We evaluate success through various metrics, such as tracking media mentions, analyzing the tone and value of coverage, the spread of geographical coverage, and the extent of audience reach. Additionally, we assess website traffic, including the source and length of visits post-campaign, lead generation, and conversion rates, which guides our future strategy formulation.

Why select us as your international PR agency?

Our agency is distinguished by our extensive experience, specialized expertise, and a consistent record of securing media placements that assist our clients in meeting a broad range of goals, from funding acquisition to enhancing brand recognition and sales. We are committed to producing original content that distinguishes your brand from competitors. Our team is made up of experienced multilingual professionals with solid backgrounds in communication and marketing.

As a globally-focused PR agency skilled in digital PR, we have a comprehensive international network. We view our relationship with clients as a collaborative partnership.

How are your strategies customized for different industries or clients?

Understanding that each client and industry faces unique challenges, objectives, and demands, PRLab customizes its approach accordingly. We begin with thorough market, competitor, and audience research, collaborating closely with you to grasp your specific objectives fully. This ensures that our strategies are not only customized to your needs but also effectively aligned with your organizational goals. Using our in-depth technical know-how, we then devise a PR strategy aimed at engaging your ideal audience and achieving your objectives most effectively.

Can your global PR agency guarantee results?

Given the unpredictable nature of the PR industry, it's impossible to guarantee specific outcomes at the start. However, our dedication and expertise significantly enhance the probability of conducting a successful campaign. We invest effort to discover and polish the most compelling narratives about your brand before presenting them to the most suitable outlets. Our proven track record of client success and satisfaction evidences our ability to meet and exceed expectations.

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