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01 Oct 2018 Site Of The Day


by ION digital


Quizi.io is a web service that represents a powerful marketing tool for carrying out polls and quizzes. By solving tests and answering questionnaires, respondents get cryptocurrency rewards.

Quizzes or Polls

Service quizi.io contains a catalogue of quizzes and polls, which are divided into categories. Users can easily find interesting quizzes or polls. Different online tests for to take or discover common answers to the most provocative questions.

Cryptocurrency reward for responses

By taking quizzes or answering questions of statistical questionnaires, users earn rewards in cryptocurrency. Quizi.io service is constructed on Impleum blockchain platform, hence reward cryptocurrency is IMP coin. Remuneration amount for each response is set by the creator of the quiz or poll.

Easy Control

The convenient interface of dashboard allows users to control the rewards and withdraw funds from Impleum Wallet fast and easily. Besides, control panel graphically provides information on all quizzes and polls taken by respondents.

Reliable and unchangeable of data

Quizi.io stories data in blockchain Impleum. As a result, statistical data collected using this service is reliable and unchangeable by default. As data is kept in a distributed storage, nobody is able to change or fake it. This is one of the main advantages of the blockchain

Built on Impleum Blockchain

Impleum is innovative blockchain platform, which serves as a base for an open ecosystem of decentralized apps. It is a powerful and scalable tool for creation of DApps.

Currently Impleum blockchain contains IMP coin, which is paid to users of Quizi as a reward for their responses. Those who want to create their own quizzes or polls should possess IMP coins on their integrated account that will be used to reward respondents for answering their questions.

Get exposure to new audience for your business and increase its level of loyalty

All users of Quizi can follow the link to the owner's resource while taking quizzes or polls. Moreover, Quizi increases loyalty of the clients to owner’s business, as they obtain useful information in playful way and are rewarded with cryptocurrency for their activity. That is what creates a positive perception of a brand.


This service allows obtaining new users using innovative solutions of information sharing. When users share information about a quiz or poll in social networks, they receive additional reward in IMP in the set by the owner of that particular quiz/poll.

Unique opportunity of embedding

It is possible to embed cards with quizzes or polls into an external resource (e.g. owner’s website), which allows owners to control traffic and to work only with those users who visit their website.

Adding money to Quizi account is very simple. All that is needed is buying IMP coins on the service CryptoChange and to transfer them to built-in wallet address. This address is automatically generated and stored on user account.

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