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by Yogi Network


RabbitLoader makes sure that your Google PageSpeed Insights Score is always 100 out of 100. Let's see what causes a low PageSpeed Insights score and how RabbitLoader can help to increase it.

RabbitLoader is a CDN cache-based speed optimization plugin that uses caching, CDN, and other techniques to reduce the loading time of WordPress websites. Enabling you to get a perfect score on Google PageSpeed Insights and achieve better SEO rankings.

You would not need 10 different plugins for caching, CDN, HTML, JavaScript, CSS minification, lazy loading of images and videos, image size reduction, WebP conversion, preloading, compression, and so on.

All these optimization plugins overwhelm the admin panel, conflict with each other, and slow down your website. Just install RabbitLoader, and it will optimize the whole website in a few minutes without the need for an expert or a developer.

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