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Render Networks

Render Networks

by Latex Bedding Co

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An entirely new approach to fiber deployment.

Utilizing innovative GIS, mobile and automation technology, Render’s platform and data management enable network operators, engineers and builders to deliver quality networks without the need for manual, paper-based construction packs.

Real-time, geospatial data provides increased control and visibility, resulting in significant resource productivity across the delivery lifecycle.

+ Seamless transition from network design to work
Our unique Blueprinting process takes a complex network design - in any format - and converts it directly into thousands of construction tasks, visible on a familiar map-based interface, and sequenced to optimize deployment time and cost.

+ Workflow digitisation, automation and optimisation
With end-to-end digital data capture, your project becomes completely paperless, providing all stakeholders with a single common platform - connected in the cloud - to predict, plan and optimize progress.

+ Unequalled control and visibility
By streamlining data between the field and the office, all stakeholders have access to near real-time data to improve decisions and dynamically schedule work to the most efficient contractor.

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