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Report Yak

10 Jul 2022 Site Of The Day

Report Yak

by Ananya


Report Yak is the corporate reporting vertical of venture studio Prototyze. We offer content and design services for annual, sustainability, integrated, ESG, CSR, and impact reports – in both print and digital formats. Our expertise also lies in offering advisory services on the various reporting standards and frameworks. 

Why the unique name, you ask? The yak is known for carrying heavy loads and helping mountaineers scale summits, each time. Similarly, our team of experts, the Yaks, ensure that the daunting exercise of making annual reports is made smooth, memorable, and less anxious.
Your annual report is an opportunity you can leverage to influence the decisions of your shareholders and investors. To help you in your journey, we employ an end-to-end approach that takes organizations through content strategy, content and design ideation, and application of the relevant standards and frameworks, to the final report. 
We are passionate and tenacious individuals. Together, we work hard, laugh a lot, brainstorm nonstop and churn out reports that make organizations and us proud.

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