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by Rolletna Windows Furnishing Sydney

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Rolletna is a window furnishing company based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. They specialize in creating custom-made indoor and outdoor blinds, curtains, and awnings. Here are some key points about Rolletna:

  1. Indoor Blinds & Curtains:

    • Rolletna offers custom-made curtains and blinds that not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but also provide functional benefits. Whether you’re looking for light control, privacy, or insulation, they have a range of options to choose from.
  2. Outdoor Awnings & Blinds:

    • Their extensive range includes external shading solutions such as Markilux awnings (imported from Germany) and factory-made zip screen blinds and External Venetian blinds. These outdoor solutions help protect your space from sun, wind, and rain while maintaining a stylish appearance.
  3. Motorised & Automatic Blinds:

    • Rolletna takes window treatments to the next level with motorised and automatic blinds. Imagine adding a motor to your blinds – suddenly, even your partner might take an interest! These convenient solutions offer ease of use and enhance your living experience.
  4. Services Offered:

    • Site Appraisal: Rolletna assesses your space to recommend suitable window furnishing solutions.
    • Electrical Layout: For motorised products, they assist with electrical layout planning and execution.
    • Detail Design: They address concerns like chain hazards for infants, ensuring safety.
    • Repairs & Maintenance: Rolletna helps clients extend the lifespan of their window furnishing products.
  5. Why Window Furnishings Matter:

    • Not every space is the same, and window treatments play a crucial role in creating a comfortable environment. Rolletna considers factors like light control, wind protection, temperature regulation, and sound management when recommending window furnishings. Their goal is to help you enjoy your space for years to come.
  6. Recent Projects:

    • Rolletna showcases various curtain, blind, and drape ideas from their completed projects. You can explore examples of motorised roller blinds, curtains, and outdoor awnings. If you’re in Sydney, you’re welcome to visit their Artarmon Showroom to see and operate the products firsthand.

Remember, quality window furnishings can transform your home, and Rolletna combines experience with excellent craftsmanship to bring your design vision to life. If you’re looking to enhance your space, Rolletna is a trusted partner in Sydney

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