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ruttl - website feedback tool

ruttl - website feedback tool

by ruttl

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Struggling with clunky website feedback? ruttl is your secret weapon.

Imagine leaving crystal-clear feedback directly on live websites and apps. No more wasted hours on screenshots and confusing emails. With ruttl, you can pinpoint issues with laser focus:

  • Annotate everything: Circle design flaws, highlight text changes, and add comments right on the page.
  • Real-time edits: Need a font size tweaked? Show the exact adjustment you want with a click.
  • Effortless bug tracking: Assign tasks and track bug fixes with a streamlined workflow.

ruttl goes beyond feedback. It fosters smooth collaboration between designers, developers, and agencies. Forget endless meetings – ruttl brings clarity and efficiency to every project.

Why choose ruttl?

  • Blazing-fast feedback: Eliminate time-consuming processes and get revisions done quicker with the fastest website feedback tool.
  • Precision matters: Show developers exactly what needs changing with real-time adjustments.
  • Collaboration made easy: Keep everyone in sync with clear annotations and bug tracking.

Stop wrestling with outdated methods. ruttl streamlines website feedback and empowers your team. Try it today!




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