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Design Nominees

Design & Development for a worldwide yacht rental service

Sailica's mission is to solve any issues of yachtsmen with a single online platform: searching and booking a yacht in any region, a tours catalogue from proven yacht trip operators, and a blog for yachtsmen and yachting enthusiasts.

We have developed a simple and minimalistic interface after branding was ready. You need minimum clicks and actions. There are minimum required fields for a quick yacht search on the first screen of the website’s main page. Also, there are hot offers with discounts on the main page, new articles from the magazine and fast navigation to the most popular yacht destinations in the world.

The challenge was to simplify the interface. We had a big array of data and had to think hard about what information to display or hide in the simple yacht card. After launching the MVP version of the startup and starting to collect user actions data, we were regularly making changes to the yacht’s card, adding information for simple choice between more than 10,000 boats.

It was a challenge for us to find a balance between brightness and easy navigation on the page of yacht destinations. Snow-white yacht in the azure water with the medieval fortress on background — we really wanted to show all that beauty to awaken the spirit of travels in a visitor. But also to consider the scalability and flexibility of the interface.

The designers laid themselves out to create a series of author’s icons. They are minimalist, light, follow the overall design concept and inform at the same time. Also, we’ve been thinking out an adaptive version of the site in detail and additionally developing a separate mobile application.

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