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Santé Bien-être

Santé Bien-être

by Understand Style LDA

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It's been a year now that I have been trying desperately to lose weight. High protein, low calorie, dissociated diets, with meal replacements, fruit, cabbage, I tried everything to lose weight! And each time, I "plunged" again.
Today, I send a big kick to diktats of thinness and I change my way of life! It is the best way to act effectively on my curves and my morale and lose weight naturally. Because there are many ways to lose weight in a natural way without leaving the tank! Just a little common sense and some easy-to-follow tips. It's decided. I'm doing it!
Diet, what is it? It's decide to lose weight by depriving yourself! Dieting and restrictive, repeatedly, paradoxically lead me to eat more while I seek instead to lose weight (perdre du poids ). This is called cognitive restriction.
My constant efforts to expel the "forbidden" foods, to ignore the food sensations and to limit myself to the dietician's prescription, lead me to make food and my weight an obsession: "I must eat this, I can not eat that "and" I'm too fat, I hate myself, everyone looks at me in the street ... "Yet I'm very disciplined, even if sometimes I'm on the verge of cracking. But it also happens that at the least annoyance, the least stress, I lose control ... and it is a vicious circle that settles. I transgress my diet, I eat especially foods that are "prohibited" because they comfort me and I feel guilty ... I lose confidence then in me, I devalue and I lock myself more in the infernal sphere of my overweight and the incessant need to master it.
According to Dr. G. Apfeldorfer, the consumption of a "forbidden" food triggers a food compulsion or bulimia that forces one to restrict oneself further. The cycle of cognitive restriction triggers the cycles of emotional food responses and the unloved body.
Diets and the permanent control of food gradually lead to forget the food sensations that are the basis of a balanced diet and the guarantee of a balanced weight. Recognize the signs of hunger, listen to our appetite, feel if we are satisfied are all elements to take into account to lose weight naturally and sustainably. But also knowing how to de-demonize foods, even the most caloric and make them allies rather than enemies, makes it possible to be reconciled with food and guilt.

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