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S&B Group

S&B Group

by GuruLabs

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Development of the website of the law company S&B Group

It is necessary to develop a website which reflects the mission and purpose of the work of the company in the right way, attractively presenting the law company on the resource attractive.

Target audience

Individuals and companies in need of legal assistance.

Key concept

Informative and functional website which could be a useful tool for a user who wants to find out information on the services he is interested in, seek for the assistance of a lawyer.

1. Market Research

Before starting work, our team did a marketing research which necessarily takes place before the development of each of our website. The research allowed to identify the target audience of the website, to identify the main strengths and weaknesses of competitors' websites, the distinctive qualities of the client company. This stage is fundamental in the creation of high-quality resource.

2. Design concept of the site layout

An image of the resource is formed during the next stage of the development of the website. It should meet all customer’s requirements and desires of potential users. Our web designer, a member of GuruLabs team, developed a harmonious design that matched the brandbookof the law company S&B Group, allowed you to learn not only about the company's services, but also to demonstrate the competence of employees. Primary colors are red and white.

3. Development, testing and launch of the site

After a diligent design drawing, webpage designer and developer had to turn the design concept of the website layout into a functional, technological and competent resource. The process of pages layout smoothly turned into the development, testing and finally, the launch of the website! The functionality of the developed website also includes a feedback form,  record for a consultation with the voluntary payment and block of customers’ reviews about the company.

Result: Concerted action of each member of the team under the strict supervision of a project manager has helped to create a useful and functional website of the law company S&B Group . This is the site which the company needed from the segment of legal services for individuals and legal entities!

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