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Sense Of Taste

Sense Of Taste

by Sivertsen Consulting

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Founded By Hanner Sivertsen, Sense Of Taste Offers A Range Of Services Including, Product Optimization, Plant Breeding Optimization, Creating Aroma And Flavor Wheels, Guide To Establish On-Site Sensory Facilities, Consumer Taste, And Preference And Data Analysis. Hanner Is A Specialist In The Sensory Science Of Foods, Such As Processed Food, Vegetables, And Fruits, And Beverages Like Wine, With More Than 20 Years Of Experience. She Has Been A Principal Sensory Scientist For The Norwegian Food Research Institute (Norma), And Later Joined The University Of Davis, California. Over The Years, She Has Helped Various People As A Food And Beverage Consultant. Do Reach Out To Her If You Have Any Concerns.

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