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by Sen Zushi

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Senzushi is one of the best Japanese restaurants offering traditional and delicious japanese food like Lunch Bentos, tasty Tapas, Assorted Nigiri, Chicken Nanban, mouth-watering Tempura and delicious sushi in victoria.    
Our chefs take pride in ensuring an authentic Japanese taste and experience with a mix of both traditional and contemporary dishes.     
Enjoy our victoria's sushi and traditional Japanese food to satisfy your taste buds.    
More Details:    
Address: 940 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8V 3K2    
Phone:    +1 250-385-4320
Website:    https://senzushi.com/
Email:    senzushi@hotmail.co.jp
Google My Business:    https://goo.gl/maps/L1pP836vC2bNJoEo6

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