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by Sizzlepopcorn

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We service Montreal and all surrounding areas with All-Included Popcorn Machine Cart and Cotton Candy Machine Cart rentals with or without a server. We bring everything to and from your event.

‚ÄčNo pick-ups, no appointments and no hassle required! We deliver, set-up, service and clean-up at your event.

How We Make A Difference

Having popcorn and cotton candy at your event can be possible without all of the fuss that goes into renting both Popcorn and Cotton Candy machines, imagine not having to do all of that extra work!

‚ÄčOur service are simple, easy, accessible and modern. We’ve taken the classic carnival concessions and have meshed them with modern day qualities. We respect our client’s needs to make sure every aspect of your event is a success and that you have to do as little possible to enjoy a great snack. Our straightforward services reflect our core values of providing the best services that there are in Montreal and in going the extra mile (or kilometre) in everything that we do to make sure you are satisfied.

Being The Change We Want To See

Being in the concessions business for events we notice a trend where every rental company uses the exact same type of popcorn, the unhealthy artificial type and that is not what Sizzle Popcorn is or does. Every batch of popcorn we make is created with raw and real ingredients, White Popcorn, Oil and Salt. Separating us from the rest of the party equipment rental industry, we take serving popcorn at your events to a new level. Its enough that everyone does and offers the same things so we decided to make a drastic change.  

We are changing the events service business by being different from the rest and putting ourselves in our own category. taking it into the modern day in terms of style, communication and customization through all of our services. We can meet your needs no matter what you need.  Whether it is a Popcorn Machine Rental, Popcorn Catering or a Cotton Candy Rental we will deliver on time exceeding a expectations and maybe with a few surprises as well! 

Contact Us

  • Montreal & Toronto
  • Phone: 514-247-2278
  • Email: info@sizzlepopcorn.com
  • Office Time: 9AM- 4PM
  • Website : https://sizzlepopcorn.com

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