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by SleepyHead

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When all the “big” mattress companies were focussing on how to build custom beds for every single human body-type walking the face of earth and consequently confusing the already-confused consumers, Sleepyhead decided to do the opposite. We thought that a single, intelligently-designed mattress can be the revolution that the sleep world in India needed. So we designed a mattress that is perfect for 90% of sleepers, regardless of their body-type or sleeping position. When most mattress companies bet on the ‘wow’ factor by displaying the grandiosity of their products in furniture stores, Sleepyhead bet on the “ease” factor. We decided to double down on the quality and make our products more convenient; more reliable and also reduce the service cost to a great extent, by making the mattress available to you in a nifty little box (smaller than the mattress itself). At Sleepyhead we believe that life is complicated as it is, and we are here to make life easy for our customers, in whatever small way we can.

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