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Socialkit LLP

Socialkit LLP

by Socialkit LLP


SocialKit is a platform that is developed to manage different social media accounts where users can schedule posts on major social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google My Business. Plus, it lets you analyze the performance of the business pages, in terms of engagement results and reports.

The design and development of this company were made with the help of its in-house team under the direction of the founder - Mr. Anshu Goyal & Co-founder - Mr. Siddharth Sharma who has been active in the industry for more than 11 years. The platform started in earlier the year 2020 and has grown immensely and getting noticed by a majority of social marketers and individuals and this is why the signups are also increasing on a large scale. There is speculation that the platform will also be available for other parts of the world in the coming years. 

Socialkit History

While approaching clients for digital marketing and website development, the founder - Mr. Anshu Goyal, and Co-founder - Mr. Siddharth Sharma found a major issue of time management with people in terms of using social media networks.

In India, many businessmen do not use social media platforms or do not have much knowledge about it due to lack of education or some people who have knowledge but they don’t have much time to use social media platforms to promote their business. Since there is enormous traffic is on social media networks, thus there must be a way to manage them all with ease. Therefore, they decided to develop a platform that helps such business people to manage all their social networks at once using SocialKit- The Social Media Management Tool. This way, they will save time and grow their business by preparing content and post it to all the social networks just like magic.

Apart from this, they have developed an Auto SEO Tool that (incorporated in SocialKit) will help businesses to promote their website using thousands of keywords. Since every business wants to get on top of Google Search Results and for this, they have to pay a very handsome amount either by hiring some Digital marketers for their businesses or other paid services. Thus, owners of the company decided to create a tool that will help businesses to advertise their services on Google in a unique way where they don’t have to pay huge money to get their website on top of Google. Users can use unlimited keywords and bring their websites to the number 1 position on Google according to Google’s algorithm.

SocialKit works as per the Google Algorithm. So, if the content of your website is good, then the Google algorithm brings that site on top soon. Here, this feature of this platform will help the business to grow its business without paying a high amount to other paid services.

The investor of this product is Goyal Brothers- a renowned name in the Dona-Pattal industry. He was a former client of Mr. Siddharth Sharma and then he chose to become a partner and investor for this product. They discussed this concept for two hours by sitting in a car by the roadside. Then finalized it and moved decided to make a product-based company.  

Socialkit Features

SocialKit is an internet-based app which is designed to manage social media platforms and website SEO in a single click. This platform has several features that include-

*RSS feeds connectivity
*Informative social analytics
*Multiple posts and tweets
*Social profile sharing
*Profile management
*Multi-media format sharing
*Agency/business planning
*Analytics and insights
*Stats comparison
*Auto SEO Tool
*Team collaboration (via administrator rights)
*2-step account login
*Customized scheduling
*Standard buffering
*Web Development
*Mobile App Development
*iOS and Android App Development
*Digital Marketing (SEO, SMO

Socialkit Product’s growth

Nowadays, there are many registrations are going on SocialKit. Right now, the platform has a website but they are also working on iOS and Android versions which will be released soon.

Socialkit Partnerships

Mr. Anshu Goyal and Co-founder - Mr. Siddharth Sharma are the partners of SocialKit product. Once the product is popular, the partnership will be increased in terms of people and investors.

Socialkit Security

The developers of SocialKit have included all the essential security features that give confidence to its users to access the platform without any worry. The company keeps updating its policies and adding new security features that make this system unique.

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